3 Uses of Springs you wouldn’t expect

When you talk about springs for the first time, instinctively your thoughts go to those little spirals that are inside the pens to be written, which you come across as a kid between school desks or as an adult in the office between a post-it and another.

In this case we are talking about compression springs, that is, springs that perform their function by undergoing a “compression” that reduces their length and loads the metal spiral up to the point of release.

The latter, together with the traction springs and the torsion springs, are the most well-known and well-known types of springs that can be identified in the most common objects, means of transport, devices, equipment and mechanisms that are used daily by millions of people.

However, there are different types of springs that escape the human eye as such, as they lack the classic spiral shape that characterizes a spring, but which fall in all respects in the macro category of springs. Today we will show you some springs applied in situations sometimes unimaginable.


Mollificio ANastasia - Design

Springs are of fundamental importance for the correct functioning of products such as mosquito nets, handles, frames and, more generally, of many components of the building, architecture and design chain. Sometimes they can have a pure aesthetic function, as in the case of the spring in the photo, used as a placeholder in a restaurant.


Molle Mollificio Anastasua

Italy is one of the European countries where the most sport is practiced. And it is precisely in the tools present in one of the places where this type of activity takes place, namely the gym, where we find different types of springs. Some of these are the locking springs for the balances used for lifting weights.


Mollificio Anastasia - Moda

Another area in which you can’t imagine there could be applications of springs is Fashion. However, the combination of fashion and mechanical engineering is possible, and can give rise to creative and trendy creations that sometimes end up on the catwalk. In the picture a ribbon spring used for “slave” sandals.

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