The 5 surface treatments for more common springs

They are often the final steps that are carried out upon completion of the production cycle. Some of them are necessary to preserve the quality of the material, to guarantee the correct functionality of the product or to protect the external surface of the springs from atmospheric agents, while others may have purely aesthetic purposes.

We talk about the surface treatments carried out on the products of Mollificio Anastasia, a company present for over 40 years in the production of springs and small metal parts of any shape and size, providing companies active in various sectors, products completed according to needs.

Shot peening or sandblasting represent the starting point to carry out any treatment on springs of any shape and size. This is the preparation of the surface of the product, a mechanical process through which the outer part of the springs is eroded by abrasion due to a jet of small metal spheres, in the first case, and sand and air in the second.

Once this preparation has been carried out, it is possible to proceed with the surface treatment. We at Mollificio Anastasia have always offered a wide range of possibilities and choices to satisfy any customer need.

Below 5 of the most requested treatments.

1. Epoxy powder coating
The main element is the epoxy resin able to create on the painted surface a very thin film that protects it from external agents such as water, corrosion due to the passage of time and atmospheric agents.
2. Cataphoresis painting
It is a painting treatment able to give steel springs and other alloys (current conductors) a remarkable resistance to corrosion; it is characterized by the uniform deposition of a resin that ensures for a long time a high protection of the product from chemical agents and other types of attacks
3. Galvanizing
Galvanizing is the process by which a surface coating of zinc is applied to springs, shaped parts and small metal parts, in order to protect them from galvanic corrosion.
4. Rilsan® coating
Rilsan® is a plastic coating able to wrap the springs in their totality, guaranteeing excellent characteristics of hardness, anti-corrosion and electrical insulation.
5. Geomet®
It consists in a thin, non-electronic, zinc and aluminium-based coating used to protect springs from corrosive external agents.

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