Quality and Environment: the Certifications ​​of Mollificio Anastasia

ISO certifications allow any customer, potential and / or acquired, to have an overview of the quality of the content produced by the supplier. That’s why it’s important to have it for an SME.

The Mollificio Anastasia manages, thanks to a team of specialized collaborators, an integrated system of certifications, which allows on the one hand to guarantee high standards of quality of the products produced, and on the other to tend towards continuous respect and the obsessive search for eco-sustainable business solutions for greater environmental protection.

The primary purpose of the application of ISO 9001 for Mollificio Anastasia is the pursuit of customer satisfaction with regard to the products produced and supplied, as well as the continuous improvement of business performance and the optimization of internal processes, with the aim of generating value for its customers, ensuring them maintain and improve the quality of the springs over time.

In this sense, the activities carried out within the plant are:
– Qualification of all suppliers;
-Check the fundamentals along the entire production line;
– Check and sample tests of departing products;
– Constant control and calibration of measuring and testing instruments;
– Issue of dimensional test certificates and workloads;
– Certified release of raw materials.

ISO 14001 is an international standard with voluntary agreement , whose goal is to provide a systematic framework for the integration of practices to protect the environment, preventing pollution, reducing the size of waste, energy and material consumption.

The Mollificio Anastasia has long chosen to pursue and implement this environmental management system, because it believes that respect for the environment is the mission that every individual and every activity must pursue.
Consistently with Mollificio’s corporate policy, increasingly tending towards greater Eco-Sustainability, a photovoltaic system has been installed, able to make up for the almost complete need for productive activity.

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