The Spring component in the Valves and in the Actuators

The springs can be used as components in various areas, different from each other by nature and involving applications that are sometimes unimaginable. Mollificio Anastasia has been producing springs and small metal parts of any shape and size for over 40 years, providing companies active in various sectors.

One of these is the one related to the production of valves and actuators, products that can be used in many situations and sometimes applicable in special cases. It is therefore a highly specialized industry with a high engineering, design and technological level.

The springs play a fundamental role for the correct functioning of the mechanisms of various types of valves and actuators.

Looking more closely at two different examples:

Pneumatic actuators are devices that perform mechanical work using the compressed air as an energy carrier. The appearance of a pneumatic actuator is generally that of a cylinder with a piston flowing inside it. A cylinder therefore transforms the potential pressure energy contained in the tank into kinetic energy of movement. In single-acting cylinders the motion of the piston in one direction is entrusted to the action of a spring. The piston is pushed in one direction by the compressed air that enters through the supply duct, while in the opposite direction the return motion is entrusted to the spring.

The pneumatic valves are devices for controlling actuators and for adjusting the flow and pressure of the compressed air. On the basis of the use, therefore, we distinguish distributor valves and regulating valves.
It is the action of an internal spring that allows the maintenance of the valve in a position with a very precise configuration.
The high specialization and competence of the staff, the obsessive attention to product quality and the many years of experience both in the design and production of Molle, ensure that Mollificio Anastasia is considered a player of relevance by many companies operating in the sector of valves and actuators, on the national and international market.

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