Mollificio Anastasia: Today the launch of the new corporate video to introduce you to the realization of our springs.

Two weeks ago we told you how Mollificio Anastasia wants to get closer to its stakeholders by expanding the possibilities of creating new connections and reinforcing those already existing, investing in a new communication strategy, which rests its foundations on the pre-existing one, but which meets and embraces the new models and innovative techniques based on web marketing.

In fact, since then, the new “News” section has been activated, which can be consulted on our portal and the company page on Linkedin can be reached at the following link 👇

Linkedin Page Mollificio Anastasia

Today the time has finally arrived to introduce you to our company and our values ​​a little more closely. In fact we are happy to show you how we at Mollificio Anastasia can achieve a wide range of products, including compression springs, traction springs, torsion springs, belt springs, small metal parts and much more, using the best steels such as 51CRV4 , 52SICRNI5, Pretemperato Cr. Yes. (Fd, Vd and Td), SH, SM, STAINLESS STEEL AISI 302 and 316, Inconel X750 and X718.

Through the corporate video you will be able to see how our springs take shape, following its realization in its different steps:
 1.The winding, first true productive phase in which the raw material assumes the typical helical shape;
 2. The Grinding, through which the support surfaces of the spring are created;
 3.The Thermal Treatments (hardening, tempering and stabilization), after which the springs acquire the typical mechanical properties;
 4. Other surface treatments, such as painting, cataphoresis, phosphating, zinc-plating, chromium-plating and Rilsan coating, for protective or purely aesthetic purposes;
 5.The Testing, a very important phase in which the quality of the products produced in our factory is tested, verified and certified;

Here, then, here is the new Corporate Video of Mollificio Anastasia.

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