Mollificio Anastasia is still at the side of Casarano Volley

Mollificio Anastasia reconfirms Jersey Sponsor of Casarano Volley for the season 2020/2021 and will be present on the competition jerseys of all the red and blue teams.

These are the words of the management:

“Despite the difficulties and uncertainties we are experiencing because of Covid-19, the attention to the territory and the support to socially relevant activities have pushed us to renew our support for the ambitious project of Casarano Volley and to cheer even more strongly for the team that wears the city jersey”.

Mollificio Anastasia embraces the values of sport such as trust and altruism towards its Companions, teamwork and respect for others.

Also for these reasons, for several years now, the company has been committed to supporting Casarano Volley, an amateur sports club that sees its highest expression with the first team, the “Leo Shoes Casarano”, which after winning the 2017/2018 season, now plays in the men’s Serie B championship.

Mollificio Anastasia, is a company well rooted in the territory and has always been managed with a socially responsible entrepreneurial perspective, i.e. not only particularly careful to meet the needs of the customer but also focused on managing the expectations of other stakeholders, such as personnel, suppliers and the local community.

Mollificio Anastasia, in fact, operates by applying various principles considered fundamental by management:
– Sustainability: conscious and efficient use of environmental resources as common goods, ability to enhance human resources and contribute to the development of the local community in which the company operates, ability to maintain an economic development of the company over time.
– Voluntariness: as actions carried out beyond legal obligations.
– Transparency: listening and dialogue with the various direct and indirect stakeholders of the company.
– Quality: cardinal element of Mollificio Anastasia, in terms of products and production processes.
– Integration: vision and coordinated action of the various activities of each direction and department, at horizontal and vertical level, on objectives and values shared by all company collaborators.

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