Mollificio Anastasia as never before recounted

Mollificio Anastasia operates in the engineering sector and has its headquarters in the industrial area of Casarano.

As soon as we were welcomed by Salvatore, owner and founder of the company, we immediately had the strong feeling that we were working in a maniacal way on the generational changeover in the management of the company. We can feel that Salvatore’s sons, Giuseppe, Pierluigi and Stefano, have now learnt to follow in the footsteps of their father who forged the company on the criteria of seriousness, customer centrality and passion for work.
The feeling we had is that the concept of the company for the Anastasìa family does not have precise boundaries, but rather is intertwined between private life, professional life, attention to their employees and continuous tension towards perfection.
The management office is integrated among the other administrative offices; in front of the staff we are told a bit of company history, because everything is shared with its employees.
The company was born from a very happy intuition of Salvatore who, around the ’70s, and after a strong experience far from home, returned to his country of origin betting, at the limit of madness, to establish a mechanical engineering company in Casarano.

These are the years of the explosion of the TAC (textile-clothing-footwear) and this certainly represents a stern wind to be exploited to sail at full sail. The great intuition of the good entrepreneur emerges, however, in the choices made around the mid-90s, when from an artisan company, Mollificio Anastasia evolved into a small industry, looking for new customers in the rest of Italy and around Europe.
This meant having to rethink and restructure its business concept; investing in training of workers, in new machinery, in technology at the highest level, however, always keeping faith with the principles of work as religion and choice of life, commitment, the centrality of the customer and setting as its sole objective the growth of the company.
Then, in the first decade of the two thousand years, with paternal gradualness in the company, the sons, the second generation, enter the scene and, slowly that they acquire experience and skills, under the careful direction of their father, begin to bring their own vision and gradual innovations. The rest is a modern-day story that tells us of a solid company that looks to the international market based on its awareness of providing products of absolute excellence and without fear of confronting the unknowns of the market, strengthened by its human and corporate principles.

At the end of the story, like every born entrepreneur, the desire to take us into the beating heart of the company is irresistible; talking about your “creature” without accompanying you among the machines and among your collaborators is like eating an empty plate. And so our tour continues among machines that spit out every type of spring imaginable, from the smallest to shock absorbers of almost frightening dimensions; and every production station is a pretext to tell us about the quality of the raw materials, the capabilities of the latest machinery, the amazing ease of shaping an unarmed sheet of steel in abstruse forms of springs that will reach international markets.
One of the characteristics that emerges from the stories is the predisposition to satisfy every customer’s need, even the most particular, and this seems to us to be the legacy of the artisan origins of this company. The memory that everything revolves around the direct relationship with its customers, the relationship also human, as well as commercial. On the contrary, the feeling is that at Mollificio Anastasia, working on a single piece or on a particularly complex order is an expected and sought after experience that allows them to measure their degree of skill. And so, here we are, like a trophy, talking you stop suddenly and you are shown an object, for us simple steel, for Salvatore and his children, instead, a Creature of his own!

Through the company video you can see the Mollificio Anastasia up close.
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