Mollificio Anastasia Towards a more Sustainable Future

For over 40 years, Mollificio Anastasia has been active in the production and sale of springs and small metal parts of any shape and size, for customers operating in various sectors, including automotive, agricultural machinery, movement machines earth, braking groups, nautical industry, valves and oil plants, iron and steel industry, vibrating screens, window frames, mosquito nets and awnings, lifts and hoists, etc …

The company, well rooted in the territory that hosts it, has always been managed with a socially responsible entrepreneurial perspective, therefore sensitive to issues such as eco-sustainability and the environment.

To confirm this orientation there is the voluntary adhesion of Mollificio Anastasia to ISO 14001, an international standard whose objective is to provide a systematic framework for the integration of practices to protect the environment, preventing pollution, reducing the amount of waste, the consumption of energy and materials.

The management has in fact chosen to pursue and implement this environmental management system for a long time, because it believes that respect for the environment is the mission that every individual and every activity must pursue.

Consistently with Mollificio’s corporate policy, increasingly tending towards greater Eco-Sustainability, a photovoltaic system has long been installed, capable of meeting the almost complete need for productive activity.

Finally, on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Break Room inside the production plant, Mollificio Anastasia has implemented an important Corporate Responsibility initiative: pursuing a plastic free approach , they have been donated to everyone the Water Bottle Collaborators.

With this action we intend to eliminate disposable plastic cups from all corporate environments, demonstrating a concrete turning point in the direction of an increasingly conscious Corporate Social Responsibility.

To stay updated on the activities of Mollificio Anastasia, learn about the different types of springs produced and know the news and events that the company will take part in, we invite you to connect and follow our Linkedin page by clicking on the following link

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