The 5 typical phases in the production of springs

If we try to observe closely the typical production cycle of the construction of springs, we can see that it changes and takes different paths depending on the requests and needs of the customer.

So there is no single standard process, the same for all orders, but the production line can take on a different configuration each time.

However, to describe the typical production process of a company active in the production of springs in a number of examples, a series of steps can be identified which are generally followed for most of the products produced. In particular, there are 5:

First real production step from which everything starts. In this phase the transformation of the raw material takes place which, once processed by the machinery and by the operator, takes on the typical helical shape;

About 80% of the wrapped undergoes the grinding process through which the support surfaces of the springs are created;

(tempering, tempering and stabilization)
They guarantee to the semi-finished product the acquisition of the specific mechanical properties, as well as the subsequent maintenance over time of the elastic memory typical of the springs;

4. SURFACE TREATMENTS (Shot peening, Painting, Cataphoresis, Galvanizing, etc …)
They are often the final steps that are carried out upon completion of the production cycle. Some of them, such as galvanizing, shot peening or cataphoresis, are necessary to preserve the quality of the material, guarantee the correct functionality of the product, rather than to protect the outer surface of the springs from agents to which they will be exposed during their use . Others, such as painting or chrome plating, may be purely aesthetic.

This is one of the key activities for Mollificio Anastasia, carried out not only at the end of the production cycle of a job, but throughout the supply chain, along which the quality of the springs produced in our factory is tested, verified and certified in order to offer the end customer a product of the highest value.

Through the corporate video of Mollificio Anastasia you can see how our springs take shape.
The quick link is below
Corporate Vide Mollificio Anastasia

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