Springs in Building, Architecture and Design sectors

Windows, façade systems, technical and industrial closures, automation and domotics, technical sun shades, components and technologies for doors and windows, roller shutters and security systems for doors and windows, machines and systems for the production of windows and doors.

We at Mollificio Anastasia have been collaborating for years with small and large companies operating in the above sectors, producing springs for mosquito nets, springs for brackets, springs for vasistas, springs for door and window handles, archimedean springs for roller shutters and shutters, springs for machine tools and industrial plants, for so much more.

In this article, we explore the fundamentals of springs, in terms of use and functionality, in products such as mosquito nets.

Spring mosquito nets are very functional products, adaptable to the most varied needs. There are different types of spring-loaded mosquito nets, but the main distinction between the different types is essentially sliding. For this reason it is possible to distinguish between:

1. Side spring-loaded mosquito nets with horizontal winding where the net runs thanks to the guides positioned in the upper and lower part of the frame
2. Vertical spring mosquito nets where the opening and closing movement is precisely vertical. In this case you will see the network disappear at the top of the window when you have to keep it open.

The operation of spring-loaded mosquito nets is very simple. Inside a head there is a tube where the net is positioned that wraps itself thanks to a spring placed in one of the two ends of the head. The spring therefore allows you to wrap the net when you don’t need it and to make it slide around the window when it has to protect your home.

It can therefore be seen how the springs are of fundamental importance for the correct functioning of the mosquito net product and more generally of the many components of the building, architecture and design industry.

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