Springs: the Importance of Quality Control

For over 40 years Mollificio Anastasia has been producing springs and small metal parts of any shape and size, providing companies operating in different sectors and markets.

In doing so, the best technologies, skills and technical skills are used, in order to make springs, complete with all the features that the customer desires, thus placing his business at the center of his philosophy maximum satisfaction.

To achieve the degree of functionality required by the customer, it is necessary to have an obsessive attention to the technical details of the product, in every single phase foreseen along the spring production cycle. The professionalism, experience and high specialization of our collaborators guarantees the realization of a high quality finished product.

It can therefore be inferred how the quality factor is of primary importance and constitutes the value factor in terms of functionality and sometimes safety. At Mollificio Anastasia, in fact, surveys and checks are carried out after every single phase of the production process, to ensure that a high level of product quality is preserved until the time of delivery. In addition, the company issues customers with a certificate attesting to the final test on the springs.

In addition to Mollificio Anastasia, the idea that quality is the focus on which to concentrate most of the resources is further strengthened by the possession and continuous renewal of Certification Iso 9001 and Iso 14001 . Thanks to the constant work of a team of specialized collaborators, the company boasts an integrated system of certifications, which allows on the one hand to guarantee high quality standards for the products produced, and on the other to strive for continuous respect and obsessive research of eco-sustainable business solutions for greater environmental protection.

The ISO certifications, therefore, allow any customer, potential and / or acquired, to have an overview of the quality of the produced contents in advance (wire and tape springs of any shape and size).

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