Mollificio Anastasia: with Linkedin closer to customers

Mollificio Anastasia: activated the new “News” section on the website and opened the company page on Linkedin, to be closer and closer to our customers!

For over 40 years we produce springs and small metal parts of any shape and size, for customers operating in many sectors: automotive, agricultural machinery, earth moving machinery, braking units, marine industry, valves and oil plants, steel industry, vibrating screens, fixtures, mosquito nets and awnings, lifts and hoists, etc …

We of Mollificio Anastasia S.r.l. we put in the field the best technical skills and abilities to realize what every customer wants, placing at the center its maximum satisfaction. The professionalism and the high specialization of our collaborators guarantees the highest quality of the produced product, fundamental element that guarantees the correct functioning of a spring and its duration in time.

We have always strived towards building strong relationships with all our stakeholders, and this is one of the reasons why our company has been active for half a century in the sector. Today we want to re-launch our corporate philosophy, expanding the possibilities of creating new connections and reinforcing existing ones, investing in a new communication strategy, which rests its foundations on the pre-existing one, but which meets and embraces the new and innovative models techniques based on web marketing.

For this reason we have created a new section on our website called “News”, which will periodically publish content for updates, thematic insights, company news and participation in summits or events. Furthermore, the Linkedin page of Mollificio Anastasia S.r.l. is officially active, thanks to which it is possible to connect, stay in constant contact with the managers of Mollificio Anastasia and be updated on all the activities and initiatives of our company.

Follow us and connect with us at the following link👇

Linkedin Page Mollificio Anastasia S.r.l.


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