Ribbon Springs, Archimedean Springs and Shaped Springs

When you find yourself talking about springs for the first time, the thought instinctively goes to those small metal spirals that are inside the writing pens, where you come across as boys in the school desks or as adults in the office between a post-it and another.

In this case we are talking about compression springs, that is to say that they carry out their function undergoing a “compression” which decreases their length and which loads the metal spiral to the point of release. The latter, together with the traction springs and the torsion springs, are the most well-known and well-known types of springs that can be recognized in the most common objects, means of transport, gadgets, equipment and mechanisms that are used daily by millions of people .

However, there are different types of springs that escape the human eye as such, as they lack the classic spiral shape that characterizes a spring, but which fall to all effects in the macro category of the springs. We refer to the more generic Ribbon Springs, Archimedean Springs and Shaped Springs.

The first are so called because to produce them various qualities of tape material are used, of different sizes.

Archimede Springs are a special type of spring, designed by Leonardo Da Vinci for some of his creations. It still retains this name as it is based precisely on the Archimedean concept and is still widely used for example in rolling shutters, handles and column drills. We at Mollificio Anastasia produce Archimedean Springs of all sizes (tape, diameter) providing all the sectors in which it is expected to be applied.

Finally, the Molle Sagomate, metal components with different and extravagant geometries, designed and produced to measure to meet every customer and satisfy their needs.

The Mollificio Anastasia fleet absorbs, in addition to the wide range of compression, traction and torsion springs, the demand for Archimedean spiral springs and special shaped elements, of which we have discussed and deepened in this article, thus widening the offer that our company has long been able to guarantee in the markets in which it operates.

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