Industrial Springs for big Plants

For over 40 years, the Mollificio Anastasia, has been active in the production and sale of springs and small metal parts of any shape and size.

A range of products that tends to infinity and that can meet the needs of each customer. In doing so, the best technologies, skills and technical abilities are used, in order to produce springs, complete with all the characteristics that the customer desires, placing, in this way, at the center of the company philosophy his maximum satisfaction.

The production is absorbed in different sectors, including automotive, agricultural machinery, earthmoving machinery, braking units, marine industry, valves and oil plants, steel industry, vibrating screens, windows, mosquito nets and awnings, elevators and lifts, etc. …

In some of them, the product takes on considerable dimensions, both for the size of the material used and for measures intrinsic to the product required. In sectors such as railways, petrochemicals or valves, in fact, it is not difficult to come across plants that have springs installed with wires ranging from 16 to 32 millimeters.

They are processed and produced mainly from silicon material (51CRV4) and can have a compression, torsional or tensile function. In addition, surface treatments such as varnishing (immersion or powder), galvanising, cataphoresis, nickel-plating, chrome-plating, Rilsan coating, etc. are often carried out. These are necessary to preserve the quality of the material, guarantee the correct functioning of the product or protect the external surface of the springs from atmospheric agents or chemical agents with which they may come into contact during their use.

To achieve the degree of functionality required by the customer, it is necessary to have an obsessive attention to the technical details of the product, in every single phase along the production cycle of the springs. The professionalism, experience and high specialization of our collaborators guarantees the realization of a finished product of the highest quality.

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