Torsion Springs and where to find them

Springs can be used as components in different fields, different from each other in nature and with sometimes unimaginable applications. Mollificio Anastasia has been producing springs and small metal parts of any shape and size for over 40 years, supplying active companies operating in all sectors.

Having to categorize the springs according to the typology and the application field, we distinguish: compression springs, torsion springs, traction springs, strip springs, bourdon springs and leaf springs.

In this article we will focus our attention on torsion springs, in order to know better the main characteristics, the functionalities and the most common applications.

Torsion springs are characterized by the circular section wire wrapped in a helix around the axis. They react to a torsion moment applied to the axis on which the spring itself is wound.

The torsion springs differ from other springs for the shanks present at the end, customized on the specific needs of the customer, and for the different uses. It is usually used to apply angular forces between two components of an object.

In this category we also find torsion bars, elastic means mostly used for the suspension of vehicles or as spare parts in large industrial plants.

Torsion springs are widely used in different sectors including Automotive, Industrial Vehicles, Agricultural Machines, Earthmoving Machines, Medical Sector, Construction and are applied as mechanical parts in many consumer goods.

Through the company video of Mollificio Anastasia you can see how our springs take shape and discover from close up our reality.
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