Mollificio Anastasia celebrates 45 Years Old

Mollificio Anastasia is 45 years old and for this important occasion we want to retrace the most important stages, the achievements and emotions that we have lived through all these years and that have brought us here.

1975 – At the end of a strong experience far from home, Salvatore Anastasia, returns to his hometown betting, at the limit of madness, to set up a metalworking company in Casarano.

1985 – These are the years of the explosion of the TAC (textile-clothing-footwear) in Salento and certainly this represents a wind at the stern to be exploited to sail at full sail.

1993 – The great intuition emerges, however, in the choices made around the mid-90s, when Mollificio Anastasia evolved from an artisan company into a small industry. This meant having to rethink and restructure its business concept, investing in workers’ training, in new machinery, in technology at the highest level, however, always keeping faith with the principles of work as religion and choice of life, commitment, the centrality of the customer and setting as its only goal the growth of the company.

2000 – In the first decade of the two thousand years, the second generation entered the company and, with gradual acquisition of experience and skills and under the careful direction of his father, began to bring an updated corporate vision and technological innovations.

2006 – Anastasia Mollificio Anastasia wins the “Process Innovation” award.

2013 – The desire to provide a product of the highest quality and the desire to protect and safeguard the environment have led the company to seek and obtain two important certifications: ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment).

2020 – Mollificio Anastasia is a solid reality, which looks to the international market based on its awareness of providing products of absolute excellence and without fear of confronting the unknowns of the market, strong of its human and corporate principles.

Through the company video of Mollificio Anastasia you can see how our springs take shape and discover our reality up close.
Corporate Video

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