Mollificio Anastasia and Corporate Social Responsibility, between Sport and Social

For over 40 years, Mollificio Anastasia has been active in the production and sale of springs and small metal parts of any shape and size, for customers operating in multiple sectors, including automotive, agricultural machinery, earth moving machines, braking units, the nautical industry , valves and oil plants, iron and steel industry, vibrating screens, fixtures, mosquito nets and awnings, lifts and hoists, etc …

The company, well rooted in the territory that hosts it, has always been managed with a socially responsible entrepreneurial perspective, that is not only particularly careful to meet the customer’s needs but also focused on knowing how to manage the expectations of other stakeholders, such as example staff, suppliers and the local community of reference.

In fact, Mollificio Anastasia operates by applying several principles considered by fundamental management:

– Sustainability: conscious and efficient use of environmental resources as common assets, ability to enhance human resources and contribute to the development of the local community in which the company operates, ability to maintain an economic development of the company over time.
– Voluntary: as actions carried out beyond legal obligations.
– Transparency: listening and dialogue with the various direct and indirect business stakeholders.
– Quality: core value of Mollificio Anastasia, in terms of products and production processes.
– Integration: vision and coordinated action of the various activities of each direction and department, horizontally and vertically, on objectives and values ​​shared by all company collaborators.

The close link with the territory and with the local reality has made Mollificio Anastasia support the ambitious volleyball sport project that a few years ago came to life in the city of Casarano. For several years the company has been committed to supporting the Casarano Volley, a sports amateur association that sees its maximum expression with the first team, the “Leo Shoes Casarano”, which after having won the 2017/2018 season, today plays in the championship male B series. The company is also active in the D series women’s championship and has a large youth sector that covers all age groups.

Not only Sport but also associations: Mollificio Anastasia has long supported the campaigns promoted by the Italian Red Cross. During the Christmas and Easter holidays, in fact, the company supports the “solidarity” initiatives by purchasing panettone, colombe and CRI branded eggs to donate to company collaborators.

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