The Mollificio Anastasia S.r.l was born in Casarano, near Lecce, in 1975 , from an idea of ​​Salvatore Anastasia, founder of the company.

Initially the activity assumed form a small engineering workshop, with few operations, dedicates almost entirely to the realization of springs for high-quality footwear. For a certain period, in fact, the industrial center of Casarano, has experienced a considerable development thanks to the presence of large companies specialized in footwear production.

In the early years Eighty the Mollificio Anastasia went from a small metalworking laboratory to a micro-enterprise configuration. The business moved to a new building, where the first real machine park is set up, consisting of various mechanical machines, lathes, furnaces for heat treatments.

Starting from the Ninety years up to the first Two thousand years, with the construction and subsequent expansion of the plant, investments in latest generation machines and constant attention to processes of staff training, an important growth in size was recorded. The context just considered, in fact, allows the company to be able to expand its production capacity, making it a challenge to the particular needs.

Today the production is in a modern factory that covers an area of ​​11000 square meters, of which 3000 square meters are covered, divided into departments that foresee the production process of Mollificio Anastasia.

The company is focused on the continuous search for improvement and particular attention to technological innovation and more, but which manages and carries out the company on the fundamental guidelines outlined by the present founder, who forged the company on quality criteria, product quality and customer focus.

Through this path that has lasted for over 40 years, Mollificio Anastasia S.r.l. has managed to address its national products, coming to operate and offer its products also on foreign markets, taking into account the professionalism and flexibility that has always distinguished it.

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