Mollificio Anastasia for Save the Children

For over 40 years, Mollificio Anastasia has been active in the production and sale of springs and small metal parts of any shape and size, for customers operating in many sectors.

The company, well rooted in the territory that hosts it, has always been managed with a view to socially responsible entrepreneurship, that is, not only particularly attentive to meet the needs of the customer but also concentrated in knowing how to manage the expectations of other stakeholders, such as staff, suppliers and the local community of reference.

The close link with the territory has meant that Mollificio Anastasia supports various sports projects that during the different seasons come to life in the city of Casarano, where the company is located, and in neighboring areas.

Not only Sport but also associations: in fact, our company has long supported campaigns and initiatives promoted by various bodies, non-profit organizations and humanitarian organizations operating in the world and that are close to children, women and men in need.

For this Christmas, on the occasion of the festivities, we at Mollificio Anastasia decided to share our commitment and our work by supporting Save The Children, an independent non-profit organization, strongly committed for 100 years in Italy and around the world to save children and ensure their growth.

Our gift is a direct contribution to projects with a focus on health and nutrition, because we believe that no child should die from preventable and treatable diseases anymore. Our donation will ensure the necessary care and adequate nutrition for thousands of children, in Italy and worldwide.

To stay up to date on the activities of Mollificio Anastasia, know the different types of springs produced and know the news and events in which the company will take part, we invite you to log on and follow our Linkedin page by clicking on the following link

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