Springs Manufacturing: Technologies and Skills

At the basis of the realization of the springs there is an extremely flexible production cycle, which varies and takes different paths depending on the characteristics inherent in the requested product.
So there is not a single standard process, the same for all springs, but the production line can take on a different configuration each time.

The production site of Mollificio Anastasia is located in a modern factory that extends over an area of 11000 square meters of which 3000 square meters are covered.

The production area sees the presence of several interconnected departments. In particular the company hosts:

– Raw materials storage area;
– Winding machines, twisting machines and CNC multi-slides department;
– CNC grinding machines department;
– Heat Treatment Department (Hardening and Tempering);
– Prototypes, Testing and Testing Area;

Since its foundation in 1975, the company has constantly invested in machinery and equipment of the latest generation, ensuring the always updated presence of the technologies used along the production process.

Alongside a fleet of state-of-the-art machinery there are the high competence, experience and high specialization of our collaborators, which have always guaranteed the production of a finished product of the highest quality.

Mollificio Anastasia has constantly invested in research and development activities, both on products and processes, and this has allowed us to expand the range of products offered over time. In fact, today the company is specialized in the production of springs of every type, shape and size and is able to satisfy every type required in an effective and efficient way.

Through the following company video of Mollificio Anastasia you can see how our springs take shape and discover our reality.
Corporate Video Mollificio Anastasia

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