Research and Co-design: the creation of Springs

For over 40 years Mollificio Anastasia has been producing springs and small metal parts of any shape and size, supplying companies active in various sectors, characterized by different backgrounds.

Offering a service and products in a transversal way and responding to any request that comes from the markets, means having to equip itself with a flexible organizational structure, able to absorb the design, technical and production problems that may arise in the operation.

The professionalism, experience and high specialization of our Collaborators are directed to constant research and development activities, functional to process and product innovations, with the ultimate goal of satisfying even the most stringent requirements. Our customers, in fact, are supported from the very first moment in the design of the product, thus giving rise to a real Co-design activity that guarantees the realization of a finished product of the highest quality.

The organizational structure of Mollificio Anastasia has been characterized by the presence of different inter functional technical areas. Although they are dedicated to specific activities, each of them is in constant communication with the others and mutual coordination, with the aim of ensuring a rapid response to the needs that can be created from time to time along the production cycle.

However, in order to optimize the communication processes and implement the company’s problem solving capabilities, in 2019, the new Technical Department of Mollificio Anastasia was created. All the activities of programming, spring testing and quality control, both of incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products, are channelled inside the office.

At Mollificio Anastasia the best skills and technical abilities are used to make springs, complete with all the characteristics that the customer desires, placing, in this way, at the centre of the company philosophy the maximum satisfaction.

To stay up to date on the activities of Mollificio Anastasia, to know the different types of springs produced and to know the news and events in which the company will take part, we invite you to connect and follow our Linkedin page by clicking the following link 👇

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